she gently caresses her thighs with kisses

Tracy makes her way up Kayla’s leg, using her lips to navigate she gently caresses her thighs with kisses until she reaches her panties. Tracy just wants to show her new girl a good time so she pays plenty of attention to this area before even thinking about moving up and kissing her mouth. When their lips do meet it is deep and sensual, they hold each other tight as Tracy pushes down on Kayla’s tight young body, feeling the flesh give way to her firm pressure. When Kayla rolls over on top she mounts Tracy’s thigh and gives her a similar treatment in return. The girls sit up, Tracy rubs her hands inside Kayla’s panties, accompanied by deep eye contact as Kayla feels the sensations and starts breathing heavily. Tracy grinds her pussy hard on Kayla’s leg, her bubble butt sticking up in the air and looking good enough to eat. Tracy slows down to savour Kayla’s bum before peeling her panties off and moving in to finger her, a prelude to a climax when Tracy goes down on Kayla, eating her thoroughly to give her a long and strong orgasm, one that takes its time to build and build from deep within her.

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