Her favourite way to orgasm

her favourite way to orgasm

Gina kisses Martin, their warm wet tongues entwine with tender affection. She lays back, staring lovingly into his eyes, she can see the hunger on his face and she feels a tingle in her panties at the thought of him tasting her. Martin loves eating Gina’s pussy, he knows how to suck on her clit through her vulva just in the right way to make Gina’s body tense up in pleasure. Her sweet honey is delicious and he savours every drop. His cock is rock hard and Gina’s thoughts turn to sucking it, she enjoys the feeling of it twitching and getting harder as her lips massage his shaft. When he finally enters Gina his cock slides in easily, her pussy is wet and hungry and it gobbles him up, wrapping his cock in the tight grip of her silky moisture. They make love with passion and feeling, and Gina comes while he penetrates her, her favourite way to orgasm.

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