intense intimacy and sense of excitement between them

Zuzana and Ian lay together in the bed as our crew quietly set up their lights around them, their focus is on each other, and they look into one anothers eyes. Slowly, they begin kissing gently, their tongues swirling around in each others mouths. The crew leaves and only a camera operator remains, but Zuzana and Ian have already began, in their minds they are the only two people in the room. There is an intense intimacy and sense of excitement between them, everyone could tell there was a lot of chemistry during the photo set. This scene is a wonderful example of how you don’t need to see huge graphic close-ups of pussies and dicks to make incredibly hot porn. The sense of unbridled passion, the real feeling between Zuzana and Ian, the way the physical act of sex also seems very emotional, two people on the brink of an orgasm for long periods before finally coming – those are some of the things we love about sex and that is the kind of porn we love to celebrate!

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