intimate eye contact and gentle caresses

Tracy and Eileen connect with a heightened sense of closeness in this encounter, intimate eye contact and gentle caresses soon give way to heated passion as they go at each other like their final day together. Kissing each other deeply as they firmly grasp one another close, pushing their bodies together and riding each other, rubbing their flesh and allowing the sensation to tingle all the way through from the skin and become arousal in their most intimate parts. Eileen likes to flick a nipple with her tongue, the feeling of it springing back on her taste buds pleases her. There are wonderful pauses as they savour special moments of intimacy and trust. Tracy’s tight wet pussy is gradually opened up by Eileen’s insistence before she has a big orgasm, Eileen’s hair draped over her belly as she licks frantically at her clitoris, Tracy twists and contorts at the sensations, her back arching sharply in a sensational moment. Eileen buries her pussy in Tracy’s face so she can eat it deeply, Tracy loves every minute of it and savours wiping the juices from her lips and licking them from her fingers.

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